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Please be sure that you are 100% committed to buying one of our puppies as deposits are
Non Refundable.

Champion Nosferatu Kickin Up A Storm (Jonti)

Top Producer Of Champion Offspring Worldwide


If you are seriously interested in a puppy please feel free to email us or contact us on
01902 681402.

:: Click here for guidelines on purchasing an Akita puppy ::

Below are pictures of typical Nosferatu puppies...

Akita puppy Akita puppy Akita puppy

Akita puppies

Akita puppies - Information on Purchasing an Akita Puppy

So you have done research into the breed and have probably seen an Akita or you wouldn't be interested in this wonderful breed.
Unfortunately  there are a few pitfalls in purchasing and owning Akita puppies. You want one that looks like an Akita not one that looks like other Spitz type breeds or indeed a crossbreed. You may think this a harsh statement but over the past 3 decades I have seen pure bred KC registered Akita's that only slightly resemble the breed we love. Why? because some novice breeders have not the knowledge or the experience to plan what dog to mate to their bitch -  or if indeed the bitch they own is of such quality that it should be bred from at all. The result is poor quality Akita puppies passed on to buyers who then decide to breed from poor quality stock - ad infinitum. You may think I am on a soap box, but I hate to see Akita's that don't look like the breed should, and I hate to see new prospective owners ripped off.
If you have found my site then you have probably seen other Akita related sites so please ensure that you adhere to the following points when purchasing a puppy. Ask the breeder to confirm these points to you. 

1 - Ask the breeder if they have ever bred a champion or qualified at least one Akita for the Kennel Club Stud book. If they cant produce an Akita Champion Certificate or a K.C. Stud book certificate then they are unlikely to be able to breed good stock. If possible always buy from a breeder that judges at Championship Show level,  the Kennel Club requires them to have a vast experience of the breed before allowing them to Judge.

2 - Go for a breeder that has more than 7 years experience of breeding Akita Puppies ( they should be able to show you a registration certificate of at least one dog they bred that long ago).

3 - Make sure that the breeder will take your puppy back and give you  a refund due to health related problems, rather than having it put into rescue. (Ask for this in writing).

4 - Good breeders will always supply you with a pedigree and feeding instructions for your puppy. Obtain in writing that the Parents are K.C. registered and that your puppy will be K.C. Registered.

5 - Only buy a puppy where both parents have won at least two first prizes at a Championship Shows. (This way at least you know that the parents conform to the K.C. breed standard as seen by 2 judges and must be relatively free of obvious disease.)

6 - Ask how many Akita Puppies the breeder has bred in the last 12 months - if more than 5 litters of puppies then they are probably in it for the money. Remember the Kennel Club rules generaly only allow reputable breeders 4 litters per year. 

7 - Do research about health problems in the Akita and clarify this with the breeder if necessary - check the temperament of the mother and the father if owned by the breeder. Always ask to see the mother. If the breeder will not let you near the parents then this is a definite NO!. Please bear in mind that the mother may be protective of her puppies so touching is not advised.

8 - Beware of breeders who use gimmicks to advertise their puppies on the web. Breeding a quality Akita Puppy is not a hobby it is a serious undertaking, If you are not breeding to get a puppy for the show ring, then why breed at all - the reason I think is obvious?

9 - Beware of breeders who try to convince you that any of my points shouldn't apply, my vast experience of the breed allows me these views.

And FINALLY - On average you can pay between £850 - £1200 for an Akita Puppy from the right breeder - on average you can pay exactly the same price from the wrong breeder or a puppy farmer. All Akita puppies good or bad look stunning at 8 - 10 weeks - Mostly they are all born black and white but do not stay that colour. So BEWARE, if there are no Kennel Club Papers for the puppy, or its parents, then there is no gaurantee that it is a pure bred Akita. You could be paying a high price for a cross breed.

Akita puppies

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